Integrity Hospital Company works with hospital boards, healthcare executives and physician leaders to improve performance in the challenging healthcare management environment. As trusted mentors and advisors, we can provide customized services in a number of areas:

Strategic  Leadership Development

Governance Counsel | Special Leadership Services

Integrity Hospital Company can enhance leadership skills and build better service from the boardroom to the emergency room. Using their unique and highly individualized approach to client assessment, Integrity mentors leadership teams to improve performance. Integrating physicians into senior administrative teams is a hallmark of our leadership.

special-leadership-st-marysStrategic Financial Improvement

Strategic Cost Reduction | Strategic Revenue Growth

Integrity helps clients find their strengths and develop them by taking the time to understand the client’s organization, not fit another institution’s benchmarks.  Every client’s needs, their strengths and weaknesses are evaluated and addressed by Integrity’s proven process.  We help clients access new revenue streams, bolster physician integration, and build volume, especially in outpatient and ambulatory services.



Physician Leadership Collaboration

Emergency Services Improvement | Physician Partnerships and Integration & Leadership Collaboration

Experts in installing the dyad leadership model, Integrity Hospital Company teams an experienced physician who understands the intricacies and pitfalls of both clinical and administrative services with an experienced and respected healthcare management expert.  Dr. Jack Mitstifer and Michael Rindler know proven strategies to bridge differences, help clients find their internal strengths, and bring success to many different types of healthcare settings.


Our Books


Masterful Medicine

Wisdom They Don’t Teach in Medical School

Masterful Medicine is a must read for all medical students, practicing physicians, and medical educators providing valuable insights for hospital and health system leaders who seek to work collaboratively with physicians at all levels.


Masterful Leadership

Wisdom They Don’t Teach in Business School

Masterful Leadership is packed with timeless leadership skills, values, and wisdom they don’t teach in business school. Readers learn about character, integrity, and leadership skills that lead to exceptional performance.

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