Integrity Hospital harnesses a client’s internal wisdom – a client’s inherent set of skills-as part of our uniquely insightful and responsive service to achieve the results our clients want. Integrity mentors boards, senior executives and physician leaders to become better leaders, improve performance now, and adapt to future challenges.

Strategic Cost Reduction

Michael E Rindler literally wrote the book on cost reduction for healthcare enterprises. (Strategic Cost Reduction, Health Administration Press). Strategically reducing costs while preserving clinical excellence and customer service quality has made Integrity a preeminent advisory firm for hospitals, healthcare systems, and services. Integrity’s unique “grass roots” method is a 120-day approach that engages staff, listening to find the best ideas to achieve and sustain drastically improved bottom lines year after year.

Strategic Revenue Growth

Integrity’s volume and revenue growth services build on our client’s strengths. Clinical Centers of Excellence with a focus on Ambulatory and Outpatient Services are an important area of Integrity’s expertise. Inspiring physician involvement and our mastery of installing the Dyad Leadership Model are hallmarks of our approach to revenue growth.  We engage clients to identify and implement alternative revenue streams and growth opportunities, offering insight and candor to find the best outcome.

Emergency Services Improvement

Integrity offers singular expertise in both hospital-based and freestanding emergency departments.

As the gateway to healthcare for many patients, the emergency department is often the face of the hospital.  If the ER does not function well it reflects on the system, yet a best-performing emergency department remains challenging and elusive for many hospitals and healthcare systems.  Integrity Hospital President Dr Jack Mitstifer, FACEP, understands both the clinical and the administrative aspects of a well-run emergency department.  Still a practicing ER physician, Dr Mitstifer has held the positions of department chair, hospital president and other leadership roles that give him unique insights into assessing and improving emergency medical services and creating successful physician alignment models. Patient throughput, customer satisfaction improvement, and clinical quality initiatives as well as special mentoring opportunities for staff can create an exemplary performing emergency department with a highly successful competitive strategy.

The increasing demand for freestanding emergency departments offers unique challenges for success. Integral to the development and construction of several freestanding emergency departments, Dr Mitstifer has proven expertise in the strategy and implementation of facility development, including building design, patient flow and staffing options.

Physician Partnerships and Integration & Leadership Collaboration

Integrity helps clients create clinical centers of excellence, stressing physician relationship building and true integration.  Integrity assists physician enterprises with improving their financial performance while optimizing physician alignment, governance and management. We develop strategies for better staff communication, improved patient satisfaction and help identify growth opportunities. Outpatient and Ambulatory Services are focuses in our expertise.

Improved performance metrics, including clinical, financial, and patient services, are grounded in improved leadership performance.  Integrity’s advisory services build leadership from within the organization, developing it from the clinics to the administration’s offices. We advise hospital, healthcare and physician leaders on designing simplified and highly effective administrative structures. We are especially skilled at integrating physicians into senior administration teams.  We also mentor and coach CEOs, COOs, CMOs, and Emergency Department leaders.

Governance Counsel

Most boards spend too much time on process and too little time addressing current challenges and future opportunities.  Integrity counsels the boards of hospitals, healthcare systems and physician enterprises on simplifying meetings and committee structures to free up time for true discussions of governance.  We also offer insightful mentoring and coaching for board leaders, future board leaders, and physician board members.

Special Leadership Services

Integrity Hospital President Dr Jack Mitstifer and Partner Michael Rindler offer customized leadership services upon request from clients with special needs.  We are skilled turnaround leaders for hospitals and healthcare systems undergoing challenges. We also provide interim leadership for hospitals and systems undergoing CEO, COO, Physician Executive, or Emergency Medicine leadership transitions.